Born in Manhattan to a family of renowned music and advertising professionals, Jason was taught by great mentors from childhood. Today he has 28 years of industry experience. While in New York, he worked with 4/4 Productions and David Lucas Associates on countless projects for clients from McDonald’s to Ford to KFC to Coke. In 2,000 he became a VP and Creative Director at Axcess Broadcast Services in Dallas, where he co-wrote and co-produced over 1,500 turn-key television advertising campaigns for local and regional businesses around the country. In 2008 he wrote and produced for the Miracle Project in Los Angeles, a non-profit which featured artists like Chaka Khan, Rev Run, Ed Roland, Jason Alexander and more.  Having been involved in the production of so many commercials, his growth as a director and producer has been going on for decades.  Since moving to the Northwest in 2012, he has operated LPG in the Spokane / Coeur d’Alene area.  

Jason Lucas

President / Sr. Creative Director

Lisa Lucas

Producer / Writer

For Lisa, it all started on the silver screen.  She began her journey as a child actress, starring in leading Hollywood film roles and productions aside stars like Shirley MaClaine, Jason Robards, Jill Clayburgh.  Sure enough, that led to television roles in commercials for the likes of Citibank and shows like Facts of Life and Family Ties.  She has studied at Yale University, New York University, Florida Atlantic University and even gotten a Grande Diplome from Cordon Bleu in Paris in her spare time.  She’s a Suma Cum Laude type, with such accolades to show for it.  After getting her BA in Communications and Media Culture, she went on to write for media outlets such as The New York Post, People Magazine, Boca Raton Magazine and many more.  She is an award-winning journalist and works for The New York Daily News and others.  She has a comprehensive knowledge of the film production process from script writing to casting to her insane ability to juggle tasks and accomplish the seemingly impossible.  Fluent in French, Lisa has spent time volunteering in Haiti, Japan and anywhere she can helping rescue abandoned animals.  
Chris has been working with LPG since 2012.  He was honored with the “Excellence in Directing” award, assigned by the faculty at Eastern Washington University, while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Film and Media.  He was also nominated this year for “Best Lyric Video” by LA Music Critic for one of his most recent projects.  He cut his teeth working for Peregrine Media Group in San Luis Obispo, CA.  During his career he has acquired professional skills in editing, computer animation, hand-drawn animation, graphic design, and a robust knowledge of audio and music production.  In fact, he was a signed, touring singer for a band, even becoming endorsed by Gibson.  As a creative, he’s had work published in Maverick Magazine.  He has a great photography clientele of his own and you can view his portfolio at  Chris has been an integral part of almost every job LPG has done.  

Christopher Chilton

Producer / Director / Animator

Sam was practically born a filmmaker.  A true entrepreneur, he’s spent years developing skills and knowledge to shoot quality visual media.  He started with LPG in January 2017 and was running jobs and bringing in his own clients in record time.  Sam is a Coeur d’Alene native and commutes between there and San Francisco, where he is earning his film degree at San Francisco State University, a top 25 film school (Hollywood Reporter).  He also attended The Colorado Film School and studied journalism at University of Idaho.  He’s developed an impressive portfolio of his own, which can be seen on his own site  Sam regularly collaborates with LPG remotely as a producer, negotiating and planning with clients when he’s not shooting jobs locally.  Eventually he plans to direct a Star Wars movie.   

Sam Balas

Producer / Director / Editor

It would be hard to turn on your TV at any time of the day and not hear music produced by Jay Condiotti; aka 'NoizyNinja'.  Who knew he would go from being called "Doctor" in a NY Med School to producing thousands of music tracks aired all over the world?  His client history could take up several pages; but here are a few:  From Toyota to Taco Bell, from All My Children to Americas Next Top Model, from Legally Blondes to We Bought A Zoo, from Ravyn Symone to Tiffany, he's produced a lot of music and touched a lot of lives.  A writer, producer, guitar player and singer, he recently bought a building in an up and coming area of Spokane that one might equate to the East Village in NYC back in the 90's.  There he has built a producer's dream recording studio.  It's been 20 years of great collaborations and we are happy to still be working on projects together.  Listen to some of his favorite recent projects here.    

Jay Condiotti

Music Producer / Writer

Lucas Production Group is proud to have a production partnership with Action Sports Media.  ASM was founded by Taylor Dockins and Paul Reuter in Coeur d’Alene in 2014.  They started by focusing on drone video and photography, and have steadily expanded their services since then.  Their dependable business savvy and production talents have taken them on a journey from the tops of snow-capped mountains to the waters of the Caribbean to work for clients, both domestic and international.  Their portfolio can be seen at  Since the birth of their first partnership deal with LPG for "QKey," LPG and ASM realized they fit perfectly to form an efficient combination of talents, skills and people power.  

Action Sports Media

Production Partner